Why Haul For SEND?

At SEND Transportation, we understand the value of our carriers - without you we can’t do what we do. We recognize and respect all of your hard work and dedication. The collaborative result has allowed SEND to develop long lasting partnerships with some of the most well regarded customers in the industry. This strong customer base permits us to provide our carriers with consistent, year-round freight to get you where you need to go efficiently and profitably . Whether it’s flat bed, van, reefer, LTL, or intermodal freight, we have loads available every day and our comprehensive dispatch coverage provides your drivers continuous support from start to finish.


At SEND Transportation we also understand how important it is to our carriers to receive prompt payments. SEND’s standard payment terms have always been one of the best in the industry. With SEND 24 we went from one of the best, to the best period. All carriers are paid 24 hours from receipt of invoice.


Advances are also available via Comcheck for fuel and other expenses.

-Fuel Advance: up to 40% of line haul, fees are 3% of amount issued + $5 Comcheck fee